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不用编程的 免費 3D游戏制作工具Ray Game Designer 2!

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免費! 可商业用!

Here are the main caracteristics of the games you can create with RGD2:

    * 3 rendering modes: OpenGL, Direct3D and Software-only (for quite old PC)
    * All windows rendering resolutions supported, windowed and fullscreen
    * Anaglyphic rendering mode available (OpenGL & Software modes): renders stereoscopic frames in realtime, for RED/GREEN glasses
    * Stereo sound
    * Music formats: MP3,MP2,WAV,MID,MOD,S3M,IT,XM
    * Video formats: AVI (Windows codecs) or MPEG
    * "Clean" software: does not use registry keys, and don't install files in the Windows system folders.
    * Infinite number of levels
    * Infinite number of savegames
    * Works on any Windows version


Here are the main features of the RGD2 engine:

    * Levels are built upon tile banks. Each bank can define up to 256 objects, and each game can use any number of banks.
    * Each tile has a lot of properties: medikit, weapon, gravity field, door, key ...
    * Tiles can be a texturized cube, or a 3D mesh.
    * Simple scripting language which allows you to assign a behaviour to a tile. It is possible to create some complex traps, lifts, ennemies, friends ...
    * The map editor allows you to create your levels using tile banks. You can stretch cubic tiles, and a lot of building tools help you to easily create complex architectures.
    * Possibility to launch clips when the player goes through a particular place, or by script.Clips can be music, sound effect, static image, video file or even 3D cutscene.
    * Levels are built on the * schema: each level can have one or several exits to other levels.
    * Persistent world: when modifications are made in a level (door opened, blocs moved), these modifications are still present when the player comes back later in the level.
    * The numer of saved game position can be infinite, or restricted: some games would be too easy if the user could save at any point, and other ones would definitely need this feature.
    * Player inventory divided into weapons and other objects.
    * A lot of parameters can be defined: game window title, position and shape of the game counters, overlay bitmap, size of the player, ...
    * Multilinguism: provided by default in French & English languages, it is possible to translate the whole system (game + editors) just by modifying some text files.

RGD 2 is provided with the following tools:

    * An animated texture bank definition tool
    * A DXF object import tool, which allows you to paint your meshes using a texture bank, and to save it into the RGD2 3D object file format.
    * A tile bank editor, which allows you to define all the parameters of a bank: caracteristics & shapes of the tiles, rules, clips, scripts, hero shape ...
    * A map editor
    * A global parameters setting tool
    * The game player (OpenGL, D3D, Software)
    * A delpoying tool


The v1.01 release is available for download. Here is what is now planned:

   1. Creation of a complete tutorial
   2. Updates of RGD2

Here is a list of the next modifications to RGD2:

    * Add a "climbable" property to the tiles, which will allow to easily create climbing walls or ladders
    * Add the Golem notion
    * Add some dialogs features

Revision history

    * Translated some missing english labels
    * Swaped the texture button and the 3D object painter button
    * Fixed the bug when the player was carrying a medikit while trying to activate a level or to push a block (the medikit was used and the action was performed)
    * Performance increase when loading a tile bank or a level
    * Fixed the camera movement when the player starts a level
    * Fixed some collision bug (mobiles, player, level tiles)
    * Changes in the engine to support a future tile property called "Golem"
    * Added the game name to the RGD2 title bar
    * Fixed a bug when saving a bank which definition file exceeds 64 kb
    * Fixed some bugs when saving the game parameters (empty values were overrided by default values)

1.00   First release
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